Word UP

My own Bermuda Triangle

Ireland, Co. Kildare. My mind was branded as a child and a youth in the triangle of The Curragh, Kilcullen and Suncroft. The plains off  The Curragh are vast and inviting and the green is ever appealing and drawing to me. The sheep make up for the white spots and are ever present around these three pinpoints of my boyhood. Every time I return I very quickly latch back on to the mechanisms of life around my family and from where I evolved before having left, now quite a long time ago. And so it is that this home inheritance has led me to reflecting this onto audiences around Germany and beyond. It’s much like a shared homecoming at every concert. Welcome to my triangle. 

Bands and musicians

I have been pretty lucky being able to play with such excellent musicians and bands who take my songs further than I ever could as a solo artist. As in a studio, the precision and the competence plays a vital role in delivering the best possible results. The likes of Andy Horn, Michael Busch, Stefan Emde, Brian Haitz and Dietrich Linhardt, Andrew Cadie and Katie Doherty have all helped and are improving the quality of the songs. It really is a blessing and long may it last.